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Making Casino Bonus Terms Easy:

Support Suggestions

Bonus terms and conditions may seem unfair, to some players.

Supposedly, terms and conditions are needed, to minimize the amount of bonus abusers. If you are not an abuser, then you can help make bonuses easier, 'cause you are in the right.

One likely view point of casino operators is when players are catered to, they become uncontrolled.

Instead of strict rules to stop bonus abusers, casinos should be more giving to all real money account holders.

In one theory, when players are catered to, they should have less of an urge to cheat the house. Live Messaging Channels

Through persistent determination, players can help make bonus terms and conditions at online casinos easier. A good approach to doing this is to make suggestions (below) when talking to casino support through Live Chat, email or phone.

Email Button An effective approach, is to first establish trust with the support agent. Then one of these could be suggested:

There should be easier playthrough requirements, for bonuses. Things like less amount of bets required or more games included in meeting playthrough requirement.

Phone Button Blackjack (or another game of skill) betting should be allowed to meet 100% of bonus playthrough requirements.

I would like to see a pop-up window coming up immediately after a player meets bonus playthrough requirements. Something like: Congratulations! Your bonus playthrough requirement has been met!

There should be an improvement to the casino software. It would help players if the amount needed to wager and the games allowed (playthrough requirements) are available at the casino cashier.

The most popular written bonus terms and conditions, found at your casino's web site, should be easily accessed while logged in at the casino.

Other Good Suggestions:

There should be better gaming odds on slots (or substitute another game). I have not won betting on them at this casino.

This casino should use instant bonuses.

No Credit Card Required Images I would like to skip the part of registration that requires a valid credit card. I do not like giving out info online, when it is not absolutely necessary.

There should be faster payouts.

Jesus reigns, in all we do!

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