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WHOOP!! Here's the scoop: These are today's top 3 online casino videos at YouTube (most view count).

Looks like they get views, 'cause of their see through hairdo, they're into hindu, they're eatin' beef stew w/ fondue, or are drinking a cold brew. They're fun to view too, like a taboo kung fu tatoo.

5.2 million views as of Dec/23/2020 (5:43 view-time):

His big balls cost him $5k on this bet!

Did you notice that the card scanner doesn't scan on the first try? I bet the dealer complains about it after every shift!

2.9 million views as of Dec/23/2020 (11:20 view-time):

LOL! The dealer loses it, after he pronounces casino cæsino. He was already a little giddy at the beginning of the vid. I bet he loves his job and gets great pay!!

1.4 million views as of Dec/23/2020 (4:24 view-time):

This guy really gets nervous when making big bets, like most gamblers. First a $1.5k double down win, then a 2.5k bet that gets the Black Jack win. Yes indeed, it's like a hot tube dude. In just two bets, he went from $3,550.75 to $10,300.75.

Nice work Sodapoppin!! I see that he also has over 1M subscribers on YouTube.

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